5 minute activities for Toddlers

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5 minute activities for Toddlers

5 minute activities for Toddlers

Simple ideas to educate and empower children at home.

Toddler Pong

This activity enhances gross motor skills, improves speech and language and starts to introduce letters and numbers.
What you need:

  • 6 plastic cups
  • Plastic ball that fits into cups
  • Letters in the cup (for example, A,T)

How to play the game and educate:
Place the cups in a row or behind each other, place letters in the cup. Get your child to stand in front of the cups, and throw the ball into the cup. Once a ball has landed in the cup, take out the letter and say it, for example, A is for Apple). Once the child has copied the letter, place it back in the cup and continue the game.

Pre-School Age

Practice using letter and numbers, within the home setting. This game helps improve speech and language, increases confidence in ability to pronounce words, improves gross motor skills.

Stepping stones

What you need:
cushions/pillows, numbers next to the cushions and simple words, for example “you” “me” “I” and a dice.
Line the cushions out in front and place numbers next to the cushions, also place a word. The child will roll the dice and jump from one cushion to the next, and shout out the word that is next to the cushion. This is a great way of getting the children to read words and say them in a play-based activity.

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