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Our Mission for Kindergarten

Vanessa Sukhumvit School’s curriculum is based on the Multiple Intelligences theory developed by Dr. Gardner. His theory articulates that intelligence encompasses many different abilities and intelligence is not restricted to purely mathematical or logical thinking. Here at Vanessa Sukhumvit School, we believe that every individual possesses a unique blend of all the intelligences, and it is our job as educators to develop the skills and abilities of our learners in all realms. We aim at cultivating all intelligences to empower our learners and create well-rounded individuals. Our goal at Vanessa School, Sukhumvit 26, is to promote early development of a wide-ranging skill set that is paramount to academic success in a child’s years to come. We believe that children are capable and creative, and must be treated as such. We aim to provide an environment for academic growth, confidence building and fun to set our students up for a lifetime of success.

Why Choose Us

Here at Vanessa Sukhumvit School, we are friendly, family orientated and smaller in comparison to other international schools in the area and because of this we establish good working relationships between teachers, parents and the children.

During pre-school years, children’s learning is more explicit and visible; therefore, we create an authentic, organic and creative environment to help shape children’s development.

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